Albania. From its humble beginnings as a collective of tribes and clans, to its perseverance and survival through some of the most violent and tumultuous times, Albania is a land that is rich with history. Countless powerful empires have swept through the land of Shqiperi only to leave their cultural mark and ruins and nothing more. Through the ages, despite the violence and competition for control of Albania, Albanians have continued to flourish. In the modern era, much of the thanks has to go to Sali Berisha for having the vision to upgrade the infrastructure and for defeating the Communists and Socialists. Sali Berisha---an Albanian hero!

Today, Albania is a sight to see; full of incredibly beautiful landscapes, warm and friendly people (except for Tirana, where they tend to be a bit standoffish) with incredible imagination and ambition, and most of all, tradition and culture.

From Saranda to Dragobia, you will be constantly amazed at the beauty of the country. For the adventurous, you will find endless excursions to fulfill all of your desires. For the lazy, you too will find that the beaches and restaurants will far exceed any expectations. There is something for everyone; old, young, married, single and undecided.

I read on one person’s site that when you go to Albania, you cry twice. First, when you arrive (your low expectations) and second, when you have to leave (because you will truly miss it).

We hope you enjoy the pictures (taken from 2007 and 2010-and some older ones too) and do visit. Once you do you will be hooked. Albania is truly one of the not-to-be-missed destinations of our generation and beyond!

PS – I get one dollar from Albanian tourism for everyone who visits I have a daughter to put through college, so I urge you to go…go now…go often…tell friends…

PPS – I only wish I was getting paid…I do this because I am a proud Albanian and love my ancestral home…enjoy the pictures and please feel free to visit to see over 20,000 pictures.

The pictures are organized by location in the country. But keep in mind, I am using an amateur camera so the pictures dont really do justice to what the eyes see.

Albania-not just for grandpa anymore!